Sofie and Danny spending some quality time together.

Sofie sitting on top of our English Bulldog, Tank

Sofie stealing Tank's food.

Me & Danny with the monkeys before bed time. I was playing with them before putting them in their sleeping cages.

Joey as a baby

Dasha, 13 year old tufted capuchin monkey

Uappeal EXPO

Below are a few pictures from the Uappeal Expo. Pictured with Danny & I is Bundy, a 21 year old jave macaque. Bundy LOVED getting his back and tummy rubbed. He is a big boy. Danny hadn't seen his canines until after he was pleasantly on his lap demanding a massage. It was pretty funny to see Danny's face when Bundy smiled at him.

Below is Bundy smiling!

Monkey Sitting
Male Common Marmoset, Coco, and a female Geophrey marmoset, Tiffany. They are about 3 years old. The male has the white ear tufts, and the female a white face. Coco was trying to get my food from my mouth in picture 2. They were pretty cool little guys. BUT they have a musky odor since they urine scent. (NOTE: Squirrel monkeys and marmosets can NOT be together under any circumstance. I had to keep these guys in my garage and not mix anything (food, toys, etc). Squirrel monkeys can be carriers of a virus that affects ONLY marmosets and tamarins.)

Tank, Our English Bulldog and Monkey Sitter

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